Top 4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Camera


Top 4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Camera

I often get asked for advice when friends, family, and clients are shopping for cameras for their day to day photos. I'm always thrilled when someone wants to invest in  a camera that will help them capture those special moments! But when people ask "What camera should I buy?", there are so many factors to consider! Here are the top 4 questions to ask when shopping for a camera. This will help you figure out exactly what is right for you! I've included links to some of the best consumer cameras below, along with lenses I'd recommend for beginners!

how to buy a camera what questions to ask.

What kind of camera do you want/need?

 There are several types of camera out on the market today!

  • DSLR Camera:

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex which uses the same mechanisms as a film camera but replaces the film with a digital sensor. With this camera, you should be able to set your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These three settings make up our exposure triangle. There are two main formats of DSLR; full frame and crop sensor. Beginner DSLR's will most likely be crop sensor which means they have a smaller sensor and the edges of the frame will be cropped in. Using a 35mm lens on a crop sensor will look more "zoomed in" than on a full frame camera.

You will be able to set these things in some other types of cameras too!

  • Mirrorless Camera:

A mirrorless camera is a smaller, more compact camera with fewer mechanisms than a DSLR. Some have image quality equal to DSLRs, but typically offer fewer lens and accessory options at this time. I have a Sony a5100 that I use when we are traveling or out and about somewhere that I don't want to lug my big camera around. It also has fun features like wi-fi so I can use my phone as a remote or load images to Facebook and Instagram on the go. For me, the controls aren't as easy to get to with fewer buttons so I prefer to shoot with my DSLR when I really want a specific shot.

  • Point and Shoot:

These are typically compact cameras that do just as the name suggests. You aim the camera and shoot. The camera chooses all of the settings. This kind of camera is fine for a quick snapshot, but know that you likely won't get the image you have in mind.

  • Cell Phones:

I absolutely still take tons of pictures with my cell phone. There's a saying that goes "The best camera is the one you have with you." Sometimes you want a quick snapshot for a memory and that's totally fine! There's a line between being present in a moment with your family and just capturing it. I rarely bring my DSLR to my kids' birthday parties. I'd rather be there enjoying time with them and experiencing the memories than capturing them. A few cell phone pictures are plenty of proof that those days happened for me. You have to decide for yourself what moments might be frame worthy. I absolutely bring my big camera when we play at the river and those are some of my most favorite images of my kids.

Does it fit comfortably in your hands? Are all of the essential functions readily accessible?

 When I bought my first DSLR camera, being able to easily hold it and reach all of the buttons was important to me! I have smaller hands and some cameras just felt more comfortable than others. As I started using the camera more and more in manual mode, I learned that the essential functions were sometimes buried in menus making it hard to quickly adjust ISO, shutter speed or aperture.  I made sure the things I needed most had dedicated buttons on my next camera.


What accessories and lenses are available? Are they affordable?

Once get the photography bug you’ll quickly learn that the standard lens that comes with a camera is typically not the best choice. It’s a budget option to keep the price of the overall kit a bit lower and to entice buyers with a range of focal lengths. I’d suggest pricing out a lens in the 35mm range on a crop sensor (entry level)  camera. If your camera is available without the standard zoom lens I’d forgo it and get something like a 35mm 1.8 lens. What about flashes? Does the camera have a hot shoe so you can attach an external flash? Is there an affordable wireless remote? Don't be afraid of third party offerings! Sigma and Tamron make some of the top lenses on the market! You can also purchase very cheap lenses and flashes from Yongnuo which will most likely not be the top in image quality but for the price may be worth looking at!


What special features are important to you?

There are some awesome additional features available in cameras today! Take a look at what you might be using your camera for and determine which of these are important to you in a camera.


  • Video capabilities: I love capturing little clips of my kids in action. The way their voices and laughter sounds; the way they run with their arms thrown back and their tongues out!

  • Wi-Fi: Wi-fi in a camera adds some really cool features! With my DSLR, I am able to connect to my cell phone and use it as a remote shutter. Perfect when I want to hop in a picture with my kids without trying to beat a timer. The wi-fi also allows me to load images to my cell phone for quick sharing on social media. This is fun when we are out and about or on vacation!

  • Flip or tilt screen: These screens allow you to shoot from different angles. If you want to extend your creativity it helps with overhead shots or down low angles. Some even flip fully up to allow for easy selfies.

  • Touch Screen: In some models, touch screen helps eliminate the need for as many dedicated buttons for each function. They can help you more easily navigate through menus or grab focus in live view modes.


The Canon Family of DSLR

The Nikon Family of DSLR

Mirrorless Options

Used cameras are also a great option! When I buy used I typically shop at! They have a great warranty and return policy on used gear :) Check out the selection at KEH Camera

Struggling to get great pictures of your day to day? Leave me your biggest challenge in the comments and click below for free training coming soon! 


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Nora- A Rainbow Baby {Loveland Newborn Photography}


Nora- A Rainbow Baby {Loveland Newborn Photography}

Sweet baby Nora made her grand entrance into the world a little bit early but she's the strongest little fighter and managed to leave the hospital with no time in the NICU! Before she was born, her mama and daddy came into the studio to celebrate this pregnancy with maternity photos. After losing their first baby, they knew this time was special and needed to document it. I'm so happy to be able to offer these indoor maternity sessions in the winter months! So much more comfortable for a pregnant mom! 

studio pregnancy pictures indoors for winter weather months loveland colorado

We were able to incorporate this sweet rainbow headband from Devoted Knits as a way to remember Nora's older sister.

rainbow baby preemie baby fort collins colorado

Little Nora was tiny but mighty! She was such a sweet baby to cuddle and pose! 

premature baby 35 weeks loveland colorado rainbow baby
macro baby details lips and toes northern colorado
Sweet baby girl on purple premature fort collins newborn pictures
Fort Collins premature baby girl newborn pictures

I'd love to document your pregnancy and your baby's first days of life! Contact me at or through the link below!



Snap Happy- An Online Beginner DSLR Course

Once upon a time, I was a new stay-at-home mom with the cutest baby girl who was growing and changing faster than I could have ever imagined. I did my best to freeze time with photographs but I kept getting motion blur, dark pictures or things out of focus! That's when I decided to really invest my time in learning my DSLR camera. At the time, I couldn't find one comprehensive place to walk me through step by step and teach me the basics. There were a few camera stores that taught in-person classes, but leaving my new baby with a sitter just wasn't an option. I turned to the internet and pieced together my education bit by bit. It was slow going. Every time I tackled one subject, I felt like I had to take two steps back and learn something else before moving forward. Over the years as my skills have grown and photography has turned into a profession for me, I hear more and more people facing the same challenge.

Online Beginner DSLR Course Shooting in Manual mode Photographing kids

Enter Snap Happy! I've created this online course packed full of information that will walk you step-by-step through learning your DSLR camera. Both technical aspects and artistic aspects are covered! Class opens tomorrow, but you can work at your own pace! The materials are all downloadable, so you can come back to review when ever you'd like. There will be live Q&A sessions throughout and you can also get feedback in the course Facebook group, both from peers and your instructor!

Take a peek inside the classroom in this video:

The first run starts December 1, 2017! To get more information on everything that is included and see if this is the right course for you click below! 


Wyatt {Loveland Newborn and Sibling Photography}


Wyatt {Loveland Newborn and Sibling Photography}

I met this mama over a year ago when she attended a Snap Happy workshop in my Loveland studio! I helped her understand the basics of getting better photographs of her darling little girl and walked through some of the settings on her DSLR camera. I was so excited to hear from her that she was expecting a second kiddo!

Sweet little Wyatt decided to surprise his family and make his appearance a little early! He was a tiny little guy when he came into my Loveland studio this fall! He was so sweet to snuggle and his big sister did a great job holding him with the proper motivation  (Read: BRIBE! haha!! ) ! Siblings this close in age are always a gamble; we definitely came out winners though! 

newborn photographer loveland colorado
newborn photographer northern colorado baby boy seafoam green
northern colorado newborn photographer fort collins

I love that Wyatt showed his sweet eyes for his session too! He was so calm and just checking out this brand new world <3

baby boy on blue fur detail macro shot of baby's feet.
Welcome home new baby fort collins colorado newborn photographer
Loveland newborn photography vintage quilt and tiny teddy bear

Learn more about what goes into a photographing a newborn baby for your family when you click below! 


Reese's Milestone Portraits {6 Months Old}


Reese's Milestone Portraits {6 Months Old}

Sweet baby Reese came into the Loveland studio shortly after he turned 6 months old. I absolutely adore this age!! Babies are so smiley and happy and haven't quite reached that stranger danger zone just yet. Reese was no exception! He was happy as can be to show off his new skills sitting up unassisted and holding his head high during tummy time. All babies reach these milestones at their own rate of course so I always suggest booking your session for the milestone vs an exact age. Documenting your baby's growth through the first year is so fun as there is so much change from day to day! 

Loveland milestone portraits baby's 1st year 
dear kate studios milestone portraits
Simple baby portraits white milestones 6 months baby's first year grow with me
details of baby's first year, baby feet loveland colorado studio

For Reese's session we used a combination of mom's favorite outfits from home and the wardrobe I keep in studio! She loved not having to stress about what he was going to wear and making sure things fit before leaving home. We know how quickly these little people outgrow those adorable outfits before they ever get to wear them!! 

If you are interested in documenting your baby's first year with studio portraits, contact me through the button below! 


Northern Colorado Doula Featured Interview: Boulder County Birth and Doula Services


Northern Colorado Doula Featured Interview: Boulder County Birth and Doula Services

I'm so excited to start this new series on the blog, featuring local doulas! I know it can be tricky to find services when you are at the beginning of your pregnancy and parenting journey! Our first feature is Bethany of Boulder County Birth and Doula Services. I've had the pleasure of photographing Bethany's sweet kiddos a couple of times now and have loved getting to know her! Here's what she had to say about her Doula business:

Why did you become a doula?

 I am an RN by training. Once I had my first son I realized how much I love being with families in such a special time of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. My own experiences lit a passion inside of me that has guided my way along my doula journey.

What areas do you serve?

I serve Boulder, Weld, Larimar, and some Denver area counties. Medical Center of the Rockies, McKee Hospital, Northern Colorado Medical Center, Poudre Valley Hospital, the Birth Center of Boulder, Longs Peak Hospital, Longmont United Hospital, Boulder Community Hospital, Avista Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, North Suburban Medical Center, Baby + CO, Homebirths and others.

How many births have you attended? Is there a special story of a birth you'd like to share?

About 25 Births; hospital, home, and Birth Center. It is so hard to pick a favorite birth, because every birth has so many special moments and times. However, I will share the very first birth I witnessed, as high school student. I knew I wanted to do something with birth/babies/medicine and a friend's mom worked in a NICU. She invited me to see a fused cord C-Section for twins at a local hospital. That birth left so many lasting impressions on me on how special and important those moments of meeting your baby are that it marked the way I would go forever.

Are you certified? What's your education?

I attended Seattle Pacific University and received my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, after that I went on to work as a Cardiac Step down nurse. When my son was born I certified through DONA and started my doula practice. I am now also certified through Birth Boot Camp as a Childbirth Educator and enjoy teaching families as well as attending births.

Do you have a backup doula? How did you choose them?

I am a part of a lovely and beautiful collective of women called the Birth Assistants of Boulder. We collectively work together to support, encourage and back one another up.

How many clients do you take a month?

I take 2 clients per month

How would you describe your doula "style"?

I am all about informed decision making. With my background in medicine my biggest desire is that families know that they have lots of choices. I am very naturally minded, but have supported many births with epidurals, inductions, Cesarean Births as well. I want every family to have the information they need to make informed decisions, no matter what that is. I do not every let my opinions stand in the way of advocating for your birth desire and wishes. My goal is that no matter what happens, you leave your birth having a positive experience.

Do you offer any additional services?

I am a Birth Boot Camp instructor and offer a 10 week comprehensive childbirth education course that covers Pregnancy, Labor/Birth, Postpartum/Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding. I also offer shorter hospital, out of hospital, newborn care, pregnancy, comfort measures for birth, classes. All the classes are listed on my website.

You can find Bethany at 
Call: (303) 885-0938

What other kinds of birth services would you like to see featured? Comment below or shoot me at email at!


A baby brother! {Loveland Newborn Photography Studio}


A baby brother! {Loveland Newborn Photography Studio}

Sweet Nolan is such a lucky baby to have joined this fun Windsor, CO family. From the time I spent with them in my Loveland studio I can see that they love big and strong! Big brother was quite taken with his new baby and future best friend! Can you blame him?? Look at that hair and that precious face!! I love how these newborn photos show just how small baby is at just over a week old! He's grown so much already and his sweet little face is changing. 

newborn baby boy windsor colorado studio photographer
newborn family photography windsor colorado
windsor colorado newborn photographer
baby boy in blue newborn photography windsor colorado
Timeless simple newborn photography windsor colorado

Expecting a new little brother or sister in your family? Email me at or through the button below to learn more about documenting these first days!



What to wear for Fall Family Photos in Northern Colorado 2017

It's that time of year again! The leaves are starting to change and we are getting a taste of those cooler temperatures! Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere and boots are starting to break out of their closets! Here are some idea of what to wear for your fall family pictures this year in northern Colorado! 

colors fall 2017 what to wear for family photos

I pretty much always start putting together wardrobes based on either mom or daughter's outfit! There are just so many adorable prints available for women and girls that it's easy to build a color palette from one outfit. In this first example, the plaid dress popped up in my instagram feel and I was in love! Then the red dress came through a facebook ad from Target and the rest fell into place! These colors will pop against the yellows, oranges and greens of fall in Colorado!

This second look, I pulled together with the Pantone colors for fall 2017 in mind. I love the olives and mustards and that pop of bright red-orange! 

I'm always happy to help style wardrobe for my clients! You can start with something you already have or shop brand new for every family member! Either way I'd love to help you pull together outfits that are comfortable, flattering and look great in pictures!

Haven't booked your session yet? What are you waiting for?! Fall minis are available at the button below :)



Northern Colorado Family Photographer {Estes Park Family Pictures)

When another photographer contacts you to photograph their family it's such and honor! The B family was visiting Estes Park this summer and decided it would be fun to take the opportunity to use the gorgeous backdrop of Colorado's Rocky Mountains for their family photographs! A & T were so enthralled with the location we chose and loved throwing rocks in the lake! We got some great cuddles, tickle fights and of course twirling in A's fun dress!  

Candid natural family portraits fort collins
snuggling laughing siblings loveland family pictures
mary's lake estes park colorado family photographer
dancing mother and daughter on beach of mary's lake estes park Colorado
family portraits northern colorado photographer 

I'm so glad we took the time to capture each relationship with in this family as well individual portraits. I love being able to save that love in a photograph to be remembered for years to come. If you want your family remembered with more that "everyone look at the camera and smile" contact me through the button below! 


Newborn Photography, Northern Colorado {Mentoring Review}


Newborn Photography, Northern Colorado {Mentoring Review}

Baby K came in to model for me shortly after I attended mentoring to help perfect my newborn photography with Nicole Smith Photography out of Scottsbluff, NE. The mentoring was amazing and I had so many light bulb moments throughout. The trip to get there on the other hand was a wild ride! 

simple classic organic newborn pictures

My dear friend Chantry from Chantry Lee Photography flew in from Montana to come with me. We were both trying to minimize our time away from our children and she scheduled her flight to arrive at 11pm. I headed to DIA just as a super heavy rain came in. It was so wet and heavy that the roads were reflecting every single light like crazy and you could hardly see the lines painted on! I of course checked the flight status before I left home (on time) and then again as I was waiting for my Dutch Bros coffee (yay for a late night coffee shop!)  when it showed a 15 minute delay! No big deal as the roads made for slower travel. I got to the airport and got  message from Chantry that her plane had landed but there was no gate available for them to de-board! I ended up circling DIA for about an hour before she was finally set free haha!

berthoud newborn photography baby pictures

We were finally on our way to Nebraska after midnight! Mentoring was starting at 8:30 am and the rain was still coming down really hard and flooding the roads! To make it even more exciting, Chantry was not feeling great after a very turbulent flight in! About an hour into the drive we realized the rain combined with the pitch black night were making a pretty risky combo! We found a hotel in Cheyenne and stopped an hour from home with an hour and half of driving to do in the morning. We woke about an hour and a half later in daylight to 2 inches of snow on the ground!! When we chose our dates for mentoring back in January, we certainly didn't think we'd be driving to Nebraska in a snow storm in MAY! Typical for Cheyenne, the snow was thick and wet and blowing all over. Luckily about 30 minutes away, the snow turned to rain and we made our way safely to Scottsbluff! 

newborn baby in a basket berthoud newborn baby photographer

The first day was packed with learning! We had 3 little models that day and we worked through each pose learning the ins and out how baby should be positioned to show just how tiny and bendy and sweet newborns are! We also worked through some techniques for soothing baby and keeping them happy and settled. When all of the babies headed home we talked business and editing :) Nicole was an open book with us and it was so cool to bounce ideas off of her and talk through some things. After a the biggest plate of nachos you've ever seen, we headed to an early bed time and tried to catch up on the sleep we had missed the night before! 

Day two was hands on practice with a sweet baby girl. It was awesome to review and go over questions with a little more rest. My brain was totally swimming with new information at this point but all of my questions were answered and we headed back to DIA just after lunch so we could get back to our own babies (even if they aren't really babies anymore haha!).

Northern Colorado Newborn Portrait Photographer Baby pictures

Baby K came to the studio the following week and I got to put all of my new knowledge in practice! I'm so happy with the growth I've experience from the mentoring session! For me the change in my work is super obvious! And of course I continue to grow and change a little with each newborn session. Photographers, I'd highly recommend working with Nicole! She had a wonderful way of teaching that just made sense and was easy to remember. I feel like everything she taught was repeatable on my own as well which is huge! 

Mamas, If you are expecting, I'd love to work with you and your new babe! Email me at or through the button below! I'm currently booking due dates October through December <3


Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer {Harper}


Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer {Harper}

Breanna and Justin brought baby Harper into the studio at just 13 days old but we had been planning her session for months! I love when parents contact me in the 2nd trimester so I can be prepared with special sets just for their baby :) Breanna let me know that family photos were very important to them. I'm so thrilled with the results here! You can just feel the pride and love in mom and dad's arms as they hold their brand new baby girl <3 

newborn baby in  mom and dads arms pale peach

Justin warned me when he walked in that he was not a fan of being photographed! No worries though! I work so quickly to get these images and make it as painless as possible, when his job was done he was so excited! 

newborn baby girl wide awake northern colorado

I love those sweet gorgeous eyes! Little miss Harper fell asleep right after I took that shot on the right though and did amazing for the rest of her session! That pose is a go to for a sleepy baby who can't quite pass out. All of those layers wrapped on them make them feel so secure!

northern colorado newborn baby neutral tones simple and timeless
baby girl in pink newborn portraits northern colorado

Breanna found these adorable little cowboy boots when she was still pregnant with her baby girl. I love how this set up reflects their family and what they love to do! It's so fun to do one setup like this for a session <3

baby girl with cowboy boots northern colorado

Of course we did a quick change so there was also a setup to match her nursery <3

flowers with newborn baby girl in a bucket pink and gray northern colorado

If you are expecting a baby in Northern Colorado, email me at and we can start planning your session to include all of those personal touches special to you!


Loveland Photography Studio Maternity Photographer


Loveland Photography Studio Maternity Photographer

Shelby and Danny contacted me during her second trimester about newborn photos. At the time they were a little on the fence about doing maternity pictures but ultimately decided on a studio maternity session. They were so happy they did! This time with just the two of them waiting for their first baby is so fleeting! Every pregnancy is different and you grow and change with each new baby that joins your family. Baby number two will be documented in a totally different way because the story will be different. I just love that about my job, the storytelling <3 I can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy later this week and hang out with his fun mom and dad while we photograph him! I seriously have the best job ever!!

studio maternity photography loveland colorado bright and airy

If you are in your second trimester it's time to chat! I'd love to help you tell the story of your pregnancy and document your new baby's tiny details and sweet faces! Email me at or through the button below!


Baby Jack (Loveland Newborn Baby Photography)


Baby Jack (Loveland Newborn Baby Photography)

 Jack came into my Loveland studio with his sweet mama when he was just a few days old!  It was a nice break for mom who left 18 month old big sister at home with grandma! The studio is so peaceful and calm during newborn photography sessions! When you arrive, you get to take a little break while I care for baby and get them into a nice sleepy state for posing. How adorable is the sweet slumbering baby Jack? And how gorgeous is his mama?!

newborn baby boy with mother portrait photographer
newborn baby boy on olive green with vintage style sleep cap
windsor Colorado newborn baby photography
baby with tiny teddy bear jellycats honey bear newborn baby photography windsor colorado

I found this vintage hershey's chocolate tin in a local antique store and I just love how these images turned out with it! The little teddy bear is from Jelly Cats. These are my favorite little loveys! My youngest kiddo has a couple of puppies from this brand and they are perfect for tucking under a toddlers arm. They've become one of my favorite gifts to give my nieces and nephews! 

Do you have a go to gift for the babies in your life? I'd love to hear all about it! We have a new nephew joining the family in August again! 


6 Things You May Not Have Thought About Packing for the Hospital


6 Things You May Not Have Thought About Packing for the Hospital

Crazy that it’s been almost 3 years since we had our last baby. It really feels just like yesterday, however cliche that sounds, that we were packing our hospital bags and preparing for a newborn baby to come into our lives. By the third kiddo it we felt like old pros getting ready to head into labor and delivery! Here’s a few of the things we brought to the hospital that you may not have thought of! 

hospital packing list loveland colorado photographer

1. Pillows! We were so happy to have our own pillows from home in the hospital. Our first baby spent 6 nights in the NICU so we were away from home for a long time! Not only did it provide us with physical comfort , but that little piece of home added some emotional comfort too. As an added bonus, our cute pillow cases added a special touch to the pictures we took during our hospital stays with all three babies.

what to pack for child birth newborn baby

2. Chapstick and lotion. There is something about being in the hospital that just totally dries you out! The hospital supplies chapstick and lotion but again having that special something from home is so nice.

unconventional items for hospital packing list what to pack for labor

3. A roll of toilet paper. I know this is a strange one but that hospital toilet paper is so bad! I was so glad to have my Charmin! haha!

what to pack for labor and delivery northern colorado

4. Something comfy and cute to wear in labor. With my first I didn’t bring anything special to wear in labor. The hospital gown ended up being so constricting to me! With my boys, I had a soft comfy nursing bra that was not constrictive but allowed me to feel covered and modest during labor and delivery.  Bonus tip: Bring something cute and comfy to wear after! Pack a pretty floral robe or a patterned maxi skirt. You’ll feel beautiful stepping out of that hospital gown for a little while and your first photos as a family will be even better!

hospital packing list labor and delivery northern colorado

5. Cash! We didn’t even think about what my husband was going to do for food the first time we had a baby. At Poudre Valley Hospital, back then, he had to go down to the cafeteria or someone had to bring him something. Now dads or any guest can order meals along with mom but they have to be paid for with cash. Bring some money along :) The food is actually pretty darn good! 

newborn hospital packing list northern colorado

6. A gift for big brother or sister. When Drew was born, Harper was obsessed with Spiderman. Yes, our tiny 2.5 year old baby girl was head over heels for the red and blue super hero. So we brought this giant spiderman stuffed animal stuffed in our hospital bag into labor and delivery with us. Still at age 6 she knows that spiderman was a present for her from her brand new baby brother. Anyone that gives you an awesome present can’t be that bad right? 

What other unconventional things made their way into your hospital bags as you headed to labor and delivery? What did you wish you had packed but didn't? 



3 Reasons Why Summer Family Photos Rock

So many people schedule their family photos for the fall. I get it, fall colors, close to Christmas so you are thinking about sending cards and giving gifts etc. But summer family photos totally rock for so many reasons!!

Family summer photography in fort collins colorado

1. Your kids are out of school. No need to worry about who has practice or homework to do. No worries about getting to bed at a certain time. More freedom for scheduling for you and a more care free and relaxed feeling for your family.


2. The weather is perfect!! In summer, as the sun sets, our temperatures start to drop and cool so it's not too hot. It's also not too cold and no one will have those red runny noses! We rarely get rainstorms in the summer here either so much less likely to have to reschedule than spring or fall! 

Loveland summer mini session fort collins family photographer

3. The scenery is breath taking! Colorado in the summer sun is just stunning! Gorgeous greenery, rolling hills, flowering blooms! The water is warm enough for playing in the river. So much variety exists in just a small area in the summer!

Book your Summer Mini Session and take just 20 minutes and spend some time together as a family playing and laughing in the warm summer sun while I photograph you. Then head to Old Town for pizza on the patio at Beau Jo's and wander around the fun shops! Or choose a morning slot and then head to the farmer's market and brunch. It's a perfect summer day in Fort Collins <3 


Baby Ryker  {Loveland Infant Photography}


Baby Ryker {Loveland Infant Photography}

Baby Ryker and his big brother came to my Loveland studio on Valentine's day! It was a perfect day for a newborn session so full of love. We started the session with some family images and then snuck in some pictures of big brother solo while baby was eating. Big brother headed to preschool after that and I got to work posing the little mister <3  

Loveland infant pictures with family and older sibling

Look how tender that little kiss on baby's forehead is! I love the expression on mom and dad's faces. There is nothing like seeing your child become a sibling. Watching your children grow up together and turn into best friends is just the best. Seeing your kids love on each other makes you feel like you must be doing something right!

loveland infant with mom and dad, new parents
loveland colorado siblings infant studio photographer

So glad we could sneak in some solo pictures of Mister Hudson to celebrate his 3rd birthday too! It's so important to give a little extra attention to big brother to let him know he's not being replaced in any way!

windsor newborn photographer in vintage coke box with yellow accents
Simple timeless newborn infant pictures windsor colorado
baby smiles windsor colorado studio infant photographer

Is your baby about to become a big brother or sister? I'd love to help you document this time in your growing family's life. Email me at or through the button below and we can chat about how to make this session special for everyone in your home <3


Sweet Baby Noah {Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer}


Sweet Baby Noah {Northern Colorado Newborn Photographer}

Baby Noah totally stole my heart! Clearly, this is his magical skill as he stole his mom and dad's hearts too! Look at his adorable little face! Love his sweet round cheeks and amazing dimples! This kiddo was full of expression for such a new little person! I loved all of his little faces but the pucker lips were my favorite!! It's crazy to think just a couple of weeks later, Noah doesn't fit in his mom and dad's arms quite the same way! Babies grow so fast!

I'd love to chat with you if you are expecting a new little family member this year! Let's capture those tiny little babes before they grow so quickly! Email at or through the button below! 


Loveland Photography Studio {Newborn Pictures for Baby A}


Loveland Photography Studio {Newborn Pictures for Baby A}

I could have snuggled little Adrian all day! He was so sweet and calm and just beautiful! He slept great for his newborn pictures and was so fun to pose! I loved getting to know his parent's during their maternity session a few weeks earlier and then seeing them after his birth as a family of 3! It's such an honor to document this very short time is a family's life.  Everything changes very quickly when you add a new baby to the mix! 

Newborn photography baby in yellow hat windsor Colorado
Loveland baby pictures 
Windsor Macro photography newbonr baby boy
Smiling newborn baby in Windsor Colorado 
Simple newborn photography windsor colorado
severance colorado newborn baby boy pictures

If you are expecting a new little family member, I'd love to work with you. I'm currently booking for summer and fall due dates. Most clients contact me in their second trimester to ensure a space on my calendar. 



Timeless Portraits {Loveland Children's Photographer}

There is nothing more special than a timeless portrait of you child hanging on your walls. These simple black and white images make my heart sing and I am so happy to be offering mini sessions for them this April. Kids love to see themselves decorating your home. It makes them feel loved and raises their self esteem as cited in the 1975 study. These portraits are timeless images that you can keep hanging through the ages. You'll of course still receive digital files with this session but it's important to me to know that these images are printed! 


Each mini session will include a 10 inch square stand out, ready to hang print, or can be upgraded to a 12 inch round wood photo block. Here's an example of what each would look like displayed in your living room. 

Timeless portraits display square standout prints
Round wood block Photo display specialty photography product black and wite portraits

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