fort collins photographer
fort collins photographer

Eek! I got a little bit behind on my Project 52! I'll be totally honest, symmetry had me stumped! I took pictures last week but really none of them met the theme. For example, check out my cute little butterfly:

I decided I needed to step away from my usual subject (my kiddos!) and look for something else to photograph. I've had these buttons for a long time. They were my grandmother's. And while I have quite a few things that belonged to her, these have always been special to me. I used to spend a couple of weeks with her during the summers and we would craft, create, and sew together. She taught me to sew, crochet, and use plastic canvas. We made clothespin dolls, Barbie and cabbage patch clothes, and tons of other little projects. I miss her dearly and think of her often. This will be going up in my office with a couple of others from the series as a reminder of her.

Fort Collins Photographer

This weeks challenge is asymmetry. Please share what you've shot on my facebook wall at