I took a little break last week to spend some time with family that visiting from out of state. It's so hard to work when everyone is having fun, but I'm back full force this week! I have so many images to share with you, but we'll start off with this weeks What to Wear post. I'll admit that I started out with a sweater that I own from Old Navy. It's so comfy and cute! And once again I'm a sucker for a little purple dress for baby. There is still time to get in a Christmas Card session. I've decided to open up the mini session prices for other dates as well. Email me or give me a call at 970-682-4357 for more information!

What to Wear 11-2-11
What to Wear 11-2-11

Mom's Sweater $29.50

Mom's Tank $8.00

Mom's Pants $25.00

Girl's Dress $20.00

Dad's Sweater $20.00

Dad's Pants $25.00

Boy's Shirt $17.94

Boy's Jeans $21.99

Total $167.43