I started out shopping at Target for this week's What to Wear Wednesday and then an email popped up in my inbox. 30% off your entire purchase at Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic! So it's Old Navy again this week :) The palette for Episode 2 of What to Wear Wednesday is yellow and gray, a personal favorite of mine. I shopped for a family of 4 with a baby boy and older sister, mom and dad.

What to Wear 8-24-11 Dear Kate Studios
What to Wear 8-24-11 Dear Kate Studios

Links and Cost Breakdown:

Mom's Dress $20.99

Mom's Sweater $34.94

Dad's Pants  $25

Dad's Shirt $20

Baby Boy's Shirt $10

Baby Boy's Shorts  $5.49

Girl's Top $12.99

Girl's Skirt $14.99

Total Cost: $138.91 or $97.24 if you order today and use promo code "Thanks"