What to wear 8-31-11
What to wear 8-31-11

The weather here is still warm but fall is in the air and on my mind. Harper and I have been spending a lot of time outside lately soaking up our last days of summer. This week's What to Wear Wednesday features more fall-ish styles, with long sleeves and jackets, but still a bit of summer color. Perfect for back-to-school season. That baby boy shirt makes me wish I had one to buy it for, it's so darn cute! Once again, I shopped Old Navy as they really do have something for the whole family at reasonable prices. Their website is also really easy to navigate. Please let me know what other stores you'd like to see featured! Mom's Jacket $29.50 Mom's Top $26.94

Mom's Khakis $25

Dad's Shirt $29.94

Dad's Jeans $25

Baby boy's shirt $19.94

Baby boy's pant $16.94

Girl's top $16.94

Girl's leggings $8.50

Total Cost: $169.20