What to wear 9-14-2011
What to wear 9-14-2011

Since I announced the Holiday Mini Sessions and awesome contest yesterday, I thought a Holiday theme for this week's What to Wear Wednesday was more than appropriate! I also thought that I'd mix it up a bit. Not every family has a boy and a girl and I've heard it can be difficult to dress 2 boys. I really love the looks this week and think they are classic with a splash of trendy for momma. I've also added a little pizzazz with some accessories for mom. I blew my budget big time this week but really there are some basics included that you likely already have. Please be sure to check out the contest and enter to win one of my Holiday Mini Sessions! Share with your friends as well :)

Mom's Dress $44.94

Mom's Boots $29.94

Mom's Necklace $12.94

Mom's Bracelets $9.50

Baby Boy's Pants $10.00

Baby Boy's White Shirt $10.00

Baby Boy's Vest  $16.94

Older Boy's Sweater $26.94

Older Boy's Jeans $19.50

Dad's Jeans $30.00

Dad's Shirt $29.94

Total for all items: $230.64