It's been a great week so far for us. We've gotten a lot accomplished and I was lucky to be a part of a Twitter party that gave me some fantastic ideas for Dear Kate Studios. Be on the look out for some exciting announcements and changes within the next few weeks! On to What to Wear Wednesday! This week I went for a more casual look and since last week's family featured two little boys, this week features two little girls. And what says "girl" more than pink?

What to Wear 9-21-11
What to Wear 9-21-11

Mom's Shirt  $17.94

Mom's Jeans  $34.00

Dad's Shirt  $24.94

Dad's Pants $25.00

Girl's Dress $19.94

Baby Sister's Top $7.00

Baby Sister's Skirt  $24.94

Total: $153.76

*I'd like to add that Old Navy has no idea who I am. I just shop there a lot and like the clothes. They certainly aren't paying me or even aware that I post their styles. :)