When my first baby was born, I was over tired and a little overwhelmed but so in love with this tiny little person napping on the sofa next to me. In that state of exhaustion everything was quickly becoming a blur. I’ve always had a love for photography and the power a photograph holds to save a moment and take you back to a time that’s gone by, but that was amplified with the birth of my daughter. As she slept, I would take pictures of her tiny toes, the way her little hand rested, that tiny milkblister that had formed on her lip. 

As she grew, time seemed to go faster and faster. The photos I was taking were important to me but I realized a few things. First, my daughter was getting tired of my camera antics and no longer giving me the natural expressions I wanted. She developed a killer “cheese” face and super fake smile. I wasn't a professional photographer yet and I could see the difference in quality between the pictures professionals were taking and my snapshots. And lastly, I wasn’t in any of the pictures because I was always behind the camera. So we all trekked down to the chain photo studio and awkwardly stood for 15 minutes for family photos. They drew me in with a low price that ended up not being so low and we walked away with a few prints and a disk of unedited images that are in a drawer some where. I knew there had to be a better way to preserve our memories and capture our growing family in a genuine and authentic way that was also beautiful.

Being photographed doesn't have to be painful and stressful! When you step in front of the camera, how you feel should mirror what’s going on in your lives and show that you lived. A session with a newborn baby can be peaceful and exciting. That glow of pride and love new parent’s feel should be exemplified in a beautiful canvas of your baby on the wall. A family photo session can be fun and playful and full of snuggles. All of the best parts of parenthood and family life captured on camera. Click below to learn more about how Dear Kate Studios can help you create a different experience for you and your family. 

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